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Save the date: Monthly Meet-Up / KSK

Tuesday, September 27th from 5pm in the Media Library of the International Theatre Institute

Touring artists' next Monthly Meet-Up will take place on Tuesday, September 27th from 5pm in the Media Library of the International Theatre Institute

The topic for the next session: What is the KSK? How do I get into it? And what do I have to keep in mind once I'm in?

If you would like to register for the MMU, please send an email to info@touring-artists.info.

The KSK is a kind of insurance agency that enables freelance artists and publicists to have insurance coverage similar to that of employees. That means that you, as an artist, pay half of the insurance contributions, the KSK pays the other half. However, the application to the KSK can be associated with minor hurdles and even once you are in, there are some things that need to be considered.

This session's guest is Kathleen Parker. She is the managing director of Red Tape Translation UG, working as a legal translator, interpreter and relocation coach. She is a member of the German Federal Association of Translators and Interpreters and a long-time member of the artists' health insurance scheme herself thanks to her creative pursuits, which include opera singing, music teaching and copy editing. Kathleen has helped hundreds of people through the confusing mess that is the Künstlersozialkasse application process.

The MONTHLY MEET-UP is a network meeting for transnational artists who are new to Berlin and trying to establish themselves here. It offers you the opportunity to

-receive advice on administrative issues relevant to your artistic work in Berlin (e.g. tax number, KSK (Künstlersozialkasse) or visa issues).
-meet members of Berlin art institutions and get to know their work.
-meet other artists, network and support each other.
-to visit shows, performances and exhibitions together.

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