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23rd International Workshop Translating Theatre

The participants of the 23rd International Workshop "Translating Theatre" have been selected.

The selection of the participating translators for the 23rd International Workshop "Translating Theater" has been made. 

This year's participants are: 

Salman Abbas (India), Neil Blackadder (United States), Amrita Dhara (India), Alice do Vale (Brazil), Mariam Gurzadyan (Armenia), Jayashree Joshi (India), Michal Kotrouš (Czech Republic), Mykola Lipisivitskyi (Ukraine), Chen Lyu (China), Ashani Ranasinghe (Sri Lanka) and Tatiana Zborovskaya (Russia).

The workshop will take place from May 20 to 29 as part of the Mülheimer Theatertrage. The focus will be on the concrete work of the translators on the plays nominated for the 47th Mülheimer Theatertage and the exchange of experiences with colleagues and authors. Accompanying events will contribute to a better understanding of the cultural and political environment of the plays and of contemporary German-language theater. These will be public audience discussions after the performances as well as conversations with authors, dramaturges, publishers and directors. This year the Czech author, playwright and translator Radka Denemarková will be welcomed to the workshop for a seminar focus on her writing and theater practice.

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