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touring artists provides information and advice about administrative issues that are relevant for artists in international and transnational work.


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The web portal for artist mobility touring artists provides extensive information on all administrative questions that arise in the context of international and transnational work. The main focus is on artists from Germany temporarily working abroad and foreign artists who come to Germany to work or want to settle here long-term. Questions that might arise from event organisers based in Germany who want to invite artists to Germany to work with them are also addressed.

Information on topics such as taxes, social security, other insurances (professional liability insurance, event insurance, etc.), transport, copyright law, visa, residency and funding options are available in German and English.

In addition, touring artists offers free individual consultations and workshops on various administrative aspects of transnational work.

The goal of touring artists is to support artistic mobility with concrete information and to improve the conditions for mobility of artists and creative professionals. touring artists works closely with partner organisations from the On The Move network.

The project has existed since 2013 and was collectively initiated by the International Theatre Institute (ITI), the International Society of Fine Arts (IGBK) and the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland in cooperation with SmartDe – the Network for Creative Professionals and is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) as well as by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe Berlin within the sub-project International Artists Info Berlin as part of the fellowship programme Weltoffenes Berlin.

The touring artists consultation service is a cooperation with SMartDe – the Network for Creative Professionals e.V.

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ITI Fundrising Campaign for ZOUKAK, Beirut

ZOUKAK Theatre Company reiceives Donation from German ITI Centre

Ibrahim Ghareib: Skizze

Association Award of the ITI

ITI annual Conference 2021 "Hybridity and Equality?"

The public thematic annual conference of the ITI, which had to be cancelled last year due to the pandemic, took place on the web.


Symposium for the Theaterpreis des Bundes 2021

On 08 July 2021, preceeding the award ceremony of the Theaterpreis des Bundes, we will organise the symposium #dialograumtheater.


Presentation of the ITI Prize to Jetse Batelaan

German ITI Centre 2020 Award

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Winners of the 2021 Theaterpreis des Bundes have been announced.

The jury selected 11 theaters out of 76 applications to win the award. 

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ITI Germany has a new board

Yvonne Büdenhölzer elected President

All News theatre-prize of the federal government


31 Einzelporträts kleiner und mittlerer Theater jenseits der Metropolenräume. Die 31 Theater, die 2015, 2017 und 2019 mit dem Theaterpreis des Bundes…

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Four ITI fellows of the Atelier Düsseldorf/ Theater der Welt

Online-Interview with Milena Gehrt, Moutaz Abdulrahman, Valia Katsi and Nada Abdel Wahab


Atelier Livestream

Every day, the panels of the Atelier will be livestreamed on youtube as well as iti-germany.de and thefestivalacademy.eu.


40 years of THEATER DER WELT

What remains when a festival is over? The Media Library for Dance and Theatre is openagain and with it the exhibition WELTRAUM with its DIGITAL…


Call for applications Forum Theaterübersetzung

Translation workshop of new drama into German.


Festival »Theater der Welt« Düsseldorf hands over to Frankfurt/Offenbach

»Theater der Welt 2023« is curated by Chiaki Soma and Kyoko Iwaki of Arts Commons Tokyo.

#dialograumtheater - Symposiumsprogramm ist online

Das Programm zum Symposium #dialograumtheater ist online.


Award ceremony of the Federal Theatre Prize 2021

The symposium #dialograumtheater and the award ceremony of the Theaterpreis des Bundes 2021 took place on 08.07.2021 in the presence of the Minister…


Job offer: student assistant

The International Theatre Institute Germany in Berlin / Mediathek für Tanz und Theater (ITI / MTT) is looking for a student assistant (m/f/d) in the…


Kick-Off Workshop Interlinking Media Libraries

Save the Date! Public Kick-Off of the DFG funded project on Ovotber 7th 2021


Job offer extended: student assistant

The International Theatre Institute Germany in Berlin / Mediathek für Tanz und Theater (ITI / MTT) is looking for a student assistant (m/f/d) in the…


Workshop "tanz digital"

The Workshop "tanz digital - Technologies, methods, artistic strategies"! takes place from January 14-17th, 2022.


ITI Academy - Kick Off Weekend

On December 3 and 4, 2021, the Kick Off weekend of the ITI Academy will take place at Kunstquartier Bethanien in Berlin.


23rd Workshop "Translating Theater"

The International Theatre Institute again invites translators:inside of German-language drama to a workshop in the period from May 20 - 29, 2022.


Save the date: Round Table Berlin Theatre Archives

The Round Table Berlin Theater Archives invites you to an online event on the topic "Theater collection mission and collection Strategy in german…


Jobs at the Festival Theater der Welt 2023

The Festival Theater der Welt 2023 is looking for a responsible person for the administration of third-party funds and a person for marketing / public…

Database for translators

The International Theatre Institute (ITI Center Germany) is working together with an editorial team of translators and authors on the development and…

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[Translate to Englisch:] Moving Margins Symposium

On December 19th the virtual symposium "Moving Margins. Dance archives in practice through distance and abscence" will take place.


Workshop "tanz digital" postponed to April 2022

April 11 - 13, 2022
The workshop "tanz digital - Technologies, Methods, Artistic Strategies" will be moved to spring 2022 due to the aggravated…

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Extended: WELTRAUM exhibition open until the end of February

You can visit the exhibition WELTRAUM at the ITI office in Kunstquartier Bethanien (Berlin) until February 28, 2022.

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Monthly Meet-Up: Internationalisation

The next Monthly Meet-Up of Touring Artists will be the starting point for a series of workshops in 2022 that will address different aspects of…

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New Publication: the ITI Journal

The ITI Journal features national and international authors from academia and artistic practice who report on the performing arts in a transnational…


New Website: Studio2

STUDIO2 has a new website and on top of that also a new residency programme.


Open Call: STUDIO2 Residency Programme

In 2022, STUDIO2, the work and research space of the ITI Germany in the centre of Berlin, will offer for the first time a residency programme for…

Media Library

Blog mv:dk veröffentlicht

Der Blog mv:dk zum DFG-Projekt "Mediatheken der darstellenden Kunst digital vernetzen" ist nun veröffentlicht.