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Project Overview

A DFG-Cooperation project


Digitally bringing together information from media libraries and media archives about the performing arts in universities, art schools and non-university research institutions


Christine Henniger


The aim of the DFG project “Interlinking Media Libraries of the Performing Arts” is digitally bringing together metadata on performing arts audio-visual digital materials, which are dispersed across theatre and dance studies departments in universities, art schools and media archives all over Germany. By setting up a central research access point via the FID portal www.performing-arts.eu, it will be possible to research information on the audio-visual media and the performances, shows and performing arts events represented in them   

The project will focus on the following aspects:

  • Creating working processes for aggregating, modelling, enriching, implementing and making public performing arts media library metadata  
  • Setting up a central access point for media library metadata via the FID portal
  • Sustainable provision of access to and long-term usability of the media library metadata
  • Establishing a communications structure with the professional community
  • Developing an advice service for performing arts media libraries and media collections as well as the evaluation of the project results.

The digital accessibility and curation of media library metadata is a central concern of the media libraries project. In addition to the media library metadata of the project partners – the ITI Germany and the TFM Vienna – further metadata from data partners will be integrated or merged in order to publish the largest possible amount of freely accessible media library metadata.

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