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Project Overview

Digitisation project on the founding phase from 1978 to 1990


Cooperation project for the indexing and digitisation of unique video documents about the Tanzfabrik Berlin 


Christine Henniger



The digitisation project on the founding phase (1978 to 1990) of the Tanzfabrik Berlin, one of the most important national and international sites for the development of the independent contemporary dance scene, resulted in the first thematically organised corpus of information in the Media Library for Dance and Theatre at the German ITI centre, which was also documented and contextualised in the project. 

This thematic corpus was created as part of a two-year project in which the audio-visual documents from the founding period of the Tanzfabrik were indexed, catalogued, digitised, published and archived for the long-term. 

The project was a cooperation between the ITI Germany and the Tanzfabrik Berlin, the dance documentarian Andrea Keitz, the Performing Arts Archives of the Akademie der Künste, who own the audio-visual collections, as well as the Institute of Theatre and Dance Studies at the FU Berlin. The evaluation, classification and indexing of video documents was done in close collaboration with the artists from the Tanzfabrik Berlin. 

The dance scholar Dr Kirsten Maar compiled an additional presentation of the research that took place within the framework of this project. 

The project was funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe Berlin/Research and Competence Centre Digitisation Berlin (digiS).