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A German-French workshop on movement theatre

German French Workshop

At the German-French physical theatre workshop, young performers from Germany and France work intensively with internationally active movement theatre teachers.  


Lene Gaiser



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Studio2 - Physical Theatre

The German-French physical theatre workshop is a bilateral event on physical theatre that takes place once a year, providing practice-orientated young people involved in the performing arts from Germany and France with the opportunity to work intensively with internationally active movement theatre teachers. For it, the ITI Germany cooperates with the Plattform für Deutsch-Französische Kunst in Lyon and the MIMOS festival in Perigueux. Participants can try out either a beginner or an advanced workshop.  

Three of the most important European sources for working with body language in theatre – Meyerhold’s biomechanics for theatre, mime corporel dramatique developed by Etienne Decroux and Marcel Marceau’s classical pantomime – are at the centre of the exchange. The participants test out the methods with the teachers and ask how effective and impactful they still are today.     

The working focus on physical theatre is a result of the former Mime Centrum Berlin.

Overview of previous workshops: Plattform für Deutsch-Französische Kunst

The workshops are made possible by the Deutsch-Französisches Jungendwerk (Franco-German Youth Office).