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Dr. Thomas Engel


Theatre studies and dramaturgy scholar, who completed his PhD at the Humboldt University Berlin and then worked as a dramaturg at city and state theatres in East Germany. He was a research assistant and project manager at the International Theatre Institute Centre (GDR) and from 1992 at the unified ITI Centre Germany, whose managing director he has been since 2003.


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Christine Henniger

Project manager Media Library for Dance and Theatre

Coordinates the areas archive and practice as well as cultural heritage in the performing arts at the ITI. She previously worked at the HfS, the FU Berlin, the University of Hildesheim and at the Dachverband Tanz, after studying Philosophy and Linguistics at the HU Berlin. She was a DAAD scholarship holder in Uppsala and St. Petersburg.


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Malin Nagel

Project management ITI Academy

Takes care of the ITI Academy for young cultural professionals, whose highpoint is the Academy Week during Theater der Welt. She studied Literature and Music Studies at the University of Kiel, and Dramaturgy at the School for Music and Theatre in Leipzig, and worked for many years as a dramaturg and production manager at municipal and state theatres as well as in the independent scene.


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Yusuf Sahilli

help desk service touring artists

Provides consulting services at touring artists. Studied business and economics in Berlin and Melbourne. Worked in the music industry in the areas of label, publishing, booking, festival production and promotion.



Andrea Zagorski

Project management Translating theatre / Journal

Mainly manages projects in the area of contemporary theatre and translations, for example she ran the programme Szenenwechsel. She studied German Studies and Theatre Studies at the Humboldt University Berlin and was a dramaturg at various theatres.

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Anna-Sophie Weser

Head of Office

is taking care of members and responsible for the coordination of administrative processes in the office.

Studies of Theatre-, Film- and Media Science in Vienna, Austria. Meanwhile she worked as a generalist at independent theatres in Vienna and Berlin. Since then she worked several years as a lector and dramaturge of Berlin based performance rights agencies such as Pegasus, Felix-Bloch-Erben and Desch.


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Lene Gaiser

STUDIO2 / Praxis Performing Arts

Is responsible for the coordination and curation of Studio2. She studied Theatre Studies, Law Studies and Performance Studies in Munich, Berlin and Stockholm. Along with working for the ITI, she is a freelance dramaturg and production manager in Berlin and Brandenburg.


+49 - 30 - 6110765-20


Maxim Wittenbecher

Coordination Media Studio

Responsible for the area of digitalisation, digital technologies and digital networking in the performing arts. He coordinates the media studio at the ITI. Topics he focuses on in his work are recording and streaming technologies, data ontologies and information systems.


+49 (30) 6110765 21 


Michel Barre

Assistance digitization projects

The video studio is his playground. In the field of film editing, film cutting, digitalization and digital structuring of work processes, he works in the media studio and the media library for dance and theater. He also regularly assists in the film documentation of productions and conferences.




Felix Sodemann

Project coordination touring artists / Federal Theatre Prize

Coordinates the projects touring artists and the Federal Theatre Prize. Grew up in the Rhineland, and after periods of time in Tübingen and Turkey, ended up studying German and Literature in Berlin. As well as working at the ITI, he is also an independent theatre-maker, film-maker and freelance translator.  


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Aylin Michel

Communication and Project Officer

is responsible for public relations at the ITI and coordinates, among other things, its website, the ITI newsletter as well as its social media channels. She studied Cultural Studies with a focus on theatre and cultural policy in Hildesheim and Istanbul and holds a Master degree in Cultural Leadership from the University of Groningen. She was involved in various cultural and artistic projects and organizations in Germany and abroad, including Belgium, Tunisia and the USA.

+49 (30) 611 07 65 17


Kerstin Hefenbrock


Studied Business Administration at the Technische Hochschule Leipzig. Worked as a research assistant at the Akademie der Wissenschaften in the GDR and for many years was the spokesperson for the Federal-State Office for Lignite Remediation. Has worked at the ITI since 2019.


Martin Eisenbeiss

Web development/IT administration

Studied Business Administration at the HS Pforzheim. Key Account Manager and HTML Developer at youwant.com. Worked for many years as a freelance web developer. Preferred CMS system: TYPO3


+49 (30) 611 07 65 19 


Fanette Macanda

Project officer Translating Theatre / touring artists

Is responsible for the administration and public relations of touring artists and participates in the project Contemporary Drama and Translation (project organization, public relations). They also works as a translator.



Sebastian Hoffmann

Project coordinator touring artists / help desk service

Coordinates the touring artists help desk service on the administrative regulations of cross-border work in the cultural sector (all disciplines). Studied North American Studies and Film Studies at FU Berlin and Reed College (USA) and has worked as an agent and promoter in the music sector as well as a consultant at Music Pool Berlin and the Smart Cooperative.