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ITI Journal #1

The ITI Journal features national and international authors from academia and artistic practice who report on the performing arts in a transnational context, cultural policy or cultural discourses in a broader sense.

To kick things off, we look at the role of theatre festivals with a view to their narratives, their diversity and strategies of curating and look forward to contributions from Dr. Lisa Gaupp and Dr. Nicola Scherer. Nora Amin reports on her experiences as a curator in the context of decolonisation processes. In addition, Yvonne Büdenhölzer and Thomas Engel talk about the impact of the pandemic on transnational exchange and the challenges for the ITI network.

More articles will follow, including an interview with Chiaki Soma and Kyoko Iwaki, the curators of the Festival Theater der Welt 2023 in Frankfurt am Main and Offenbach.

How to Curate Diversity and Otherness in Global Performance Art

Dr. Lisa Gaupp explores how diversity and otherness could be curated without labeling, paternalizing, or exoticizing while at the same time taking into account the severe impact that neocolonial structures and practices of social inequality and exclusion have on the ambition to decolonize curatorial practices.

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Who cares? Narratives of contemporary international performing art festivals and collaborations

Dr. Nicola Scherer gave the keynote speech, of which experpts are published here, at the Kick Off Weekend of the ITI Academy on 3 December 2021, where transnational and globally active artists, scholars, and experts from culture and politics analysed and discussed the future of international festivals and transnational collaborations.

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A body of transformation

Almost a year and a half ago, Nora Amin was commissioned by the German Center of the International Theater Institute to conceive and curate the annual conference, with a special focus on equality and hybridity in transnational collaboration.

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These are not issues, this is a transformation

In May 2021 Yvonne Büdenhölzer was voted in as the new president of the ITI. She and Thomas Engel talk to Andrea Zagorski about fractures and the impending challenges for transnational theatre work, with the ITI‘s international network in mind.

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