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Project Overview

Platform for theater and translation


As a knowledge platform, theateruebersetzen.de provides information about the many aspects of the interplay between theater and translation and offers opportunities for international networking.



theateruebersetzen.de is an information and knowledge platform for translators and theater professionals. The aim is to make the diverse aspects of theater translation more visible in arts discourses, to network actors and to strengthen the practice.

The four main topics TEXT, TRANSFER, TRANSLATION and ACCESSIBILITY form the basis for the research and activities which are meant to provide information on topics such as contemporary drama, drama translation, theater practice and transfer.
Digital exchange formats and subject-specific events in the individual subject areas, but also on general focal points of international theater work, also provide the opportunity to orient oneself to current and topical discourses and thematic focuses.
This combination of exchange and information is intended to strengthen international mobility and ensure the continuous provision of differentiated, reliable and up-to-date information.



At LESERAUM, two new texts from the field of contemporary German-language drama are presented each month. The participants read excerpts from each text together to then discuss the text itself and the possibilities of translating it into other languages.
Moderation: Ulrike Syha
Free of charge via ZOOM. Preparation is not necessary.

Dates in 2024:
February 14 with Felicia Zeller
March 13 with Dirk Laucke
April 3 with Magdalena Schrefel
May 8 with Emre Akal
June 5 with Raphaela Bardutzky

Registration here.