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Platform for theater and translation


As a knowledge platform, theateruebersetzen.de provides information about the many aspects of the interplay between theater and translation and offers opportunities for international networking.



theateruebersetzen.de is an information and knowledge platform for translators and theater professionals. The aim is to make the many aspects of theater translation more visible in the public discourse, to network actors and to strengthen the associated practice. The three main topics THEATER+ÜBERSETZUNG, THEATER+TEXT and THEATER+TRANSFER and form the basis for the research and interaction offer here, where information is provided on topics such as contemporary drama, drama translation, theater practice and transmission.  

Digital exchange formats and subject-specific events in the individual subject areas, but also on general focal points of international theater work, additionally provide the opportunity to orientate oneself on daily and current discourses and thematic focal points.   

This combination of exchange and information is intended to strengthen international mobility and ensure the continuous provision of differentiated, reliable and up-to-date information. 


From July 2022, in addition to DIALOG- and WERKRAUM, another reading format for interested translators and theater makers will start.

In the LESERAUM, two recent texts from the field of contemporary German-language drama will be presented. Participants will read excerpts from each text together and then discuss the text itself and the possibilities of its translation into other languages.

The first three dates will be devoted to texts that have already been acted out, and we will consider the question of whether there is a connection between acted out and translation.

Leseraum #2

September 7, 2022 
16.00 -17.30 CET/CEST



The cat Eleonore by Caren Jeß (S. Fischer)

in the presence of the author.

Moderation: Ulrike Syha

Free of charge via ZOOM. No preparation is necessary.

Click here to register. 


With DIALOGRAUM, the team of theateruebersetzen.de offers an online exchange format once a month for all translators from German and into German. In this second meeting, the focus is on the texts nominated for the Mülheim KinderStückePreis in 2022. The plays and authors will be introduced in a discussion with Thomas Irmer. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to discuss related questions. 

Further dates are planned for the 2nd half of the year! More information soon and on www.theateruebersetzen.de


The focus of the WERKRAUM series is the deepening of individual questions from the practice of translation. For example, topics from the DIALOGRAUM exchange format can be examined in more detail using a specific selection of texts. Also conceivable are thematic or formal focal points such as overwriting, comedy, adaptation, postdramatic writing, dialogic writing, textual surface ..., the concentration on certain authors or language families, and much more.

Further dates are planned for the 2nd half of the year! More information coming soon and at www.theateruebersetzen.de