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Project Overview

An ITI Germany project in cooperation with the Deutsches Theater Berlin



Christine Henniger  



The project on nonverbal theatre in East Berlin is preparing relevant archives on pantomime in the GDR for the first time and making these accessible.

The ITI Centre Germany cooperates with the Deutsches Theater Berlin in a research and digitisation project on the development of non-verbal theatre forms in East Berlin from the 1970s to the 1990s. This development is particularly evident in the work of two ensembles: the Deutsches Theater Pantomime Ensemble and the Prenzlauer Berg Pantomime Theatre had an influence on the East Berlin art scene and the GDR, but also had an impact that was noticed worldwide, especially due to their critical confrontation with the artistic and social realities of that time. 

The aim of the digitisation programme, funded by the state of Berlin, is for both institutions to cooperatively collect, digitise and make accessible the archives of both ensembles

The main focus in particular is on both institutions presenting the archives and making them publicly accessible in order to provide context both historically and thematically. The data modelling in this project is being carried out in cooperation with Julia Beck at the FID Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt a. M. and Prof Thull at the Hochschule Darmstadt. The ITI Centre Germany, as the institution maintaining the Prenzlauer Berg Pantomime Theatre archive, coordinates the project.