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STUDIO2: Summer residency goes to Elena Rose Light

Sunday, July 17, marks the start of STUDIO2's summer residency with the very first residency artist: Elena Rose Light.

© Elena Rose Light

elena will spend two weeks undertaking artistic research at STUDIO2 and the Media Library for Dance and Theatre and will also provide insight into this process on STUDIO2's Instagram Account.

This is what elena says about the upcoming residency:

"My name is elena. I use they/them pronouns and was born and raised in Southern California’s occupied Chumash lands. I am white, trans, and nonbinary. I work with body-based practices to create performance situations that hopefully begin to shift some of Western culture’s embedded social structures. At STUDIO2, I’m excited to continue my research into what a “trans practice” might be, using their media archive to identify queer survival strategies within performance. I plan to write a series of scores out of this research. For now, I’m just excited to see where it goes!"

Visit this website, if you are curious to get to know more about elena.