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STUDIO2: Laura Sophie Faiß starts Autumn Residency

In her artistic practice, the Berlin-based choreographer Laura Sophie Faiß deals with the perspective of minorities and social inequality. In particular, the experiences of double and multiple identities in the context of so-called second generation migrants are the main focus of the artistic research for the Autumn Residency:

"In my work, I am concerned with the question of how the groups to which we belong or seem to belong shape our experiences and our bodies. Currently, I am focusing on the experience of second-generation migrants in Germany. I am collecting their stories and experiences and want to translate them into movement practice and dance.

During my residency I would like to continue this research. The question of what the act of collecting, arranging and archiving means for dealing with this material guides me. How is material selected, collected, contextualised? I am documenting my process with a blog, on which I publish videos and texts about my research."

Insights into the ongoing process of the two-week artistic research can be found on the blog Second Generation Stories as well as on STUDIO2's Instagram channel. At the end of the Autumn Residency, on Friday 04 November at 7pm, there will be a showing at STUDIO2.