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STUDIO2: Autumn Residency Showing

During her two-week residency, choreographer Laura Sophie Faiß will explore double and multiple identities in the context of so-called second generation migrants. In her research, she is focusing in particular on queer Post-Ost (Post-Eastern Block) identities and the various synergies and contradictions that can arise through this multiplicity and simultaneity. Through interviews, she gains access to the diverse realities of people' experiences and translates them into movements. The resulting improvisation scores will be on view at the showing.

Beyond the collection and translation of these subjective perceptions, Faiß is also concerned with the concept of archiving. In this, she refers to making marginalised people visible, whose perspectives can provide a counterweight to normative narratives, but also questions the need to reproduce oneself. An exchange on questions of documentation and narration will conclude the showing.

The residency showing "mutually exclusive feelings - an archive" will take place on 4th November 2022, at 7.00 pm at STUDIO2

Free of charge. Without registration.