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Extended: WELTRAUM exhibition open until the end of February

You can visit the exhibition WELTRAUM at the ITI office in Kunstquartier Bethanien (Berlin) until February 28, 2022.

The exhibition WELTRAUM with the installation DIGITAL ARCHIVE THEATER DER WELT can be visited until 28.02.2022.

SSince 2017, the ITI Germany has been working on a review of the festival's 40-year history. Making aesthetic changes visible and tangible in their WORLD-wide representation has been inscribed in the festival THEATER DER WELT since its first edition in 1981. Today, in times of arts that have become both pandemically conditioned and generally more digital, the questioning of "what remains" and "what does not remain?" is a changed and different one. The interactive installation makes it possible to view posters, press kits and evening programmes from all four decades. The THEATER DER WELT archive sees itself as an archive in the making, which is constantly being supplemented and completed by research, interviews and new material.

The exhibition can be visited until the end of February 2022. Furthermore, viewing and using the installation is possible at any time on site in the Media Library for Dance and Theatre in Berlin. We ask for registration via mediathek@iti-germany.de.
Opening hours: mon-fri from 10-17 hrs. Location: Kunstquartier Bethanien, ITI Office, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin.