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Come under my umbrella!

DIE VIELEN from Mariannenplatz | FLASH MOB


For an open, solidary community

June 5, 2024 | 5:00 pm | Mariannenplatz


An umbrella is diverse, it protects against rain and sun. Such an umbrella can also be shared so as not to leave others out in the rain and to wait together for better times. And maybe we can even make plans under this umbrella about how times can get better, what needs to change and what we want to hold on to.

The shared umbrella our flash mob at Mariannenplatz stands for a small moment of community between friends and foreigners, for solidarity and encounters. The shield of the umbrella creates a fleeting space in which we can get to know each other, search for common ground, negotiate differences and accept ambiguity. A brief moment of standing together in humanity and mutual respect. We invite you to share your umbrellas. COME UNDER MY UMBRELLA, because there is room for MANY!

If you want to share your umbrella, please bring it with you!

The initiative COME UNDER MY UMBRELLA is taking place as part of the “EUROPA DEN VIELEN” campaign week of Die VIELEN, just a few days before the 2024 European elections. We want to mobilize people to cast a vote for democracy and against discrimination and exclusion on 9 June 2024. For the first time, people aged 16 and over will be able to vote, while many people who live here are still not entitled to vote. The right to vote is a privilege. Use it to vote for an inclusive and solidary society!