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Monthly Meet-Up: working in the performing arts

Join touring artists for their next MONTHLY MEET-UP "Working in the performing arts"! The will be a good opportunity for theatre makers, performers and professionals from the theatre world to come together. Our guests this month will be Georg Scharegg (artistic director, managing director TD Berlin), Serge Fouha (actor and director) and Natalie Driemeyer (dramaturg Hans-Otto Theater Potsdam).

MONTHLY MEET-UP "Working in the performing arts"

Monday, May 22nd from 6 - 8 pm


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For the third time we are cooperating with the programme GOETHE-INSTITUT IM EXIL. In many countries Goethe-Instituts and other cultural institutes had to be closed due to war or censorship. GOETHE-INSTITUT IM EXIL aims to create a space where artists can meet, exchange and discuss. As part of this cooperation, we are moving our MONTHLY MEET-UP to ACUD MACHT NEU Berlin.

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