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  • Das ITI unterstützt die Ziele der Aktionstage der VIELEN am 08. und 09. Mai 2020 (Foto: Maxim Wittenbecher).

  • DIE VIELEN rufen auf zu glänzenden Aktionstagen am 08. und 09. Mai 2020

  • Die Träger des ITI-Preises seit 2014 (Fotos: Phile Deprez, Judith Buss, privat, Esra Rotthoff).

  • Diskussionabend im ITI zur Bedeutung der Pantomime in der historischen Spätphase der DDR. (Foto: Elena Ferri)

  • Das ITI lud zu einem Abend über die Frühzeit der Tanzfabrik Berlin in seine Räume. (Foto: ITI/Michel Barre).

  • „Jessica and me“: Tanztheatersolo mit Cristiana Morganti bei der euro-scene Leipzig 2019 (Foto: Claudia Kempf)

  • In Nürnberg trafen sich DIE VIELEN jetzt zu ihrem ersten Ratschlag. (Foto: Michael Lyra)

  • „Das Lackballett“ vom Theater der Klänge (Düsseldorf), Tanzstück nach Oskar Schlemmer bei der euro-scene Leipzig 2019 (Foto: Thomas von der Heiden)

  • Mit “(…..) Ein Stück, dem es scheißegal ist, dass sein Titel vage ist“ war Jetse Batelaan, ITI-Preisträger 2020, bei der Ruhrtriennale 2019. (Foto: Kurt van der Elst)

  • Festival des antiken griechischen Dramas auf Zypern 2020

  • Der 25. Oktober ist von Opera Europa, OPERA America und Ópera Latinoamérica zum Welt-Opern-Tag erkoren worden.

  • Uraufführung von „Jin Jiyan – Der Aufbruch“ von Anina Jendreyko am Theater Krefeld-Mönchengladbach (April 2019), Foto: Matthias Stutte


- Livestream to Discussion on Theater der Welt 2021 and 2023 -

The members of the German ITI centre met in an online conference to exchange views on the perspectives of international theatre work. What are the future challenges for transnational cooperation with the existing global inequalities of access and opportunity for artistic creation drastically increasing, currently? Nora Amin, curator of the ITI annual conference HYBRIDITY AND EQUALITY?, which will take place in Düsseldorf in 2021, gave a brief insight into her conceptual approach. In a panel discussion, Vice President Martine Dennewald spoke with Stefan Schmidtke, curator of the ITI festival Theater der Welt 2021 in Düsseldorf, as well as with the brains behind the 2023 edition of Theater der Welt in Frankfurt/Offenbach: Matthias Pees (Künstlerhaus Mousonturm), Anselm Weber (Schauspiel Frankfurt) and Matthias Wagner K (Museum Angewandte Kunst), who presented their concept in view of the socio-economic conditions in both cities, questions of sustainability and thoughts on an innovative curatorial model. From the 2021 Theater der Welt programme, the following video statements were added: from South Africa Lara Foot, director of the Baxter Theatre Centre, from Canada Nadia Ross, STO /UNION Company, and from Australia Bruce Gladwin, director of the group Back to Back Theatre.

The recording of the panel discussion can be watched here from today.

The 22nd International Workshop Mülheim goes digital

Following the decision by the Mülheimer Theatertage to switch to an online format, it was decided that this year's workshop would also be held online. It will take place as planned from May 21st to May 30th.

Joining us are:

Salman Abbas (India), Viktorija Blazheska (Macedonia), Jana Blümel (Uruguay), Amrita Dhara (India), Larysa Fedorenko (Ukraine), Claudia Fischer (Portugal), Mariam Gurzadyan (Armenia), Liis Kolle (Estonia), Veronika Krichevskaia (Russia), Veronika Kyrianova (Czech Republic), Samuel Petit (France), Vitali Serov (Russia), Marc Silbermann (United States), Hamsavahini Singh (India), Katharina Stalder (Switzerland), Monika von Moldovanyi de Goyeneche (Chile)



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Dresden Declaration sets out conclusions from the first European Theatre Forum

The Dresden Declaration marked the end of the first European Theatre Forum on November 13, which brought together over 150 participants and guests in online forums for three days and was followed by thousands of viewers worldwide via live stream.

The Declaration describes the special role and value of theater and the performing arts in Europe, emphasizes the need for a pan-European approach to this field and proposes eight practical measures, covering working conditions for theater artists*, artistic freedom and international cooperation in the context of an ecological sustainability strategy.

The Declaration has been signed by 12 European and international networks of theaters and performing arts, including the ITI as a member of the initiative group. The cooperation invested in the development of the Forum program in recent months will be continued.

Read the full Declaration.


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ITI General Assembly Special Edition 2020

For five days, 150 delegates from ITI Centres, Committees , Working Groups and Forums from more than 50 countries on all continents joined together via Zoom for over three hours every day to report and to listen to each other about what is happening in theatres around the world despite Corona. An unprecedented effort in the history of the ITI that gave a strong impulse of togetherness and hope to the entire network. ITI Germany had his presentation on day 4 (from minute 27). On the same day was the presentation of the Artists Rights Committee ACAR coordinated by the German Centre (from 02:30). The recordings of all congress days are now available online:

Congress Site