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  • Theaterpreis des Bundes 2017, Theater der Altmark, Stendal. Foto: Sabina Sabovic

  • Draußen vor der Tür, Adrian Linke in der Rolle des Beckmann, Theater Krefeld-Mönchengladbach 2014, Regie: Matthias Gehrt, Foto: Matthias Stutte

  • Draußen vor der Tür, Alon Openhaim in der Rolle des Beckmann, Tmuna Theatre Tel Aviv 2017, Regie: Matthias Gehrt, Foto: Eyal Landesman

  • euro-scene Leipzig 2017: IT'S SCHILLER! | | Foto: Matthias Zielfeld

  • Theater der Welt 2017 in Hamburg. ITI in the Box, Foto: Jeannette Franke

  • Luk Perceval im Gespräch mit ITI-Ehrenmitglied Manfred Beilharz | Kantor-Nacht im ITI | Foto: Jeannette Franke

  • Kantor-Nacht im ITI | Foto: M. Eisenbeiß

  • Performance Carcero | ITI-Weltkongress Segovia 2017 | Foto: ITI

  • Podiumsdiskussion „Open Continent“, von li. nach re.: Dorte Lena Eilers, Tomáš Froyda, Katrin Hrusanova, Selma Spahić | Foto: Ernst Strich

  • Power of Diversity - the Crossing Lines Projekt, Aktionstheater PAN.OPTIKUM | Fotografin: Jennifer Rohrbacher

  • „Physisches Theater“ – Deutsch-französischer Workshop, ITI - Mime Centrum Berlin

Translators’ Workshop Mülheim

„Building bridges for a dialogue between cultures“

The ITI Germany and the festival “Stücke” have been inviting translators and theatre experts to the international translators’ workshop in Mülheim since 1985, an event that, as of now, is no longer going to be held biannually but on an annual basis. The announcement was made by the Head of the German ITI, Thomas Engel, in the light of the introduction of this year’s “Stücke” programme.

The participants of the international translators’ workshop 2017, from May 12th to 21st, are: more

ITI Translators' Workshop


New call for proposals!

Applications for international cooperative projects in the performing arts between partners from the German-speaking countries and partners in North Africa or Eastern Europe can now be submitted!
Applications are welcome from theaters as well as independent companies and artists’ groups working in theater, dance, performance, music theater and puppetry.

For further information, please go  here

The new ITI yearbook is published

Freedom and democ­racy- these are the values, which must be defended worldwide

Especially in the past year the rights and the freedom of artists were seriously threatened and restrained by the raising populism and religious fanatism.

On the occasion of the many censorship actions in Poland, Hungary or Russia (which massively restricted the artists in their work opportunities) the annual of ITI for 2017 is focusing on the symptomatical developments of nationalism and populism, which try to hinder a democratic and culturally open togetherness. The new yearbook is thematically continuing the row of the past two annuals of ITI „Understanding“ (2015) und „Who is Europe?“ (2016). The annual is accessible  here.



ITI Action Committee For Artists Rights

Information portal

The mobility information portal for international artists.

Touring Artists is a digital information platform which provides answers to questions regarding international mobility for artists and persons engaged in the cultural sector in Germany as well as those who want to work in Germany. ( more)

The new “ Refugees welcome” section provides information, tips, and experience-based knowledge geared towards refugee artists in Germany as well as people engaged in the arts and cultural sector in Germany who (would like to) work with refugees.

Europa im Herbst – Zwei Netzwerktagungen

In Brüssel und Rom trafen sich das europäische Netzwerk für Kulturpolitik, Culture Action Europe, und IETM, das Netzwerk für Darstellende Künste. Thomas Engel hat seine Beobachtungen zusammengefasst,  PDF hier ist der Bericht.