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Manfred Linke passed away

At the age of 81, Manfred Linke passed away on April 8 in Berlin.

What is nowadays known as the ‘International Forum’ for young theatre practitioners and refers to itself as the background noise of the annual Theatertreffen was initiated by Manfred Linke in 1969. Linke led this forum for several decades, thought of international work and  promotion of young talent in one context and therefore significantly helped to open up the festival internationally. On April 8, Manfred Linke, the first full-time executive director of the German ITI Centre in 1985, passed away at the age of 81.

 An obituary by Thomas Engel.

International Translators Workshop in Mülheim

„Translators as bridgebuilders between cultures:“:

-19th International Translators Workshop in Mülheim – Participants from 10 countries elected-

Together with the Stücke festival, Mülheim, the German centre of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) invites translators and theatre experts to the 19th International Translators Workshop, which will take place in Mülheim 25th May through 3rd June 2018.

Yena Gim (Republic of Korea) receives the scholarship offered by the Goethe Institute for an expert in international theatre, art and science.

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Gekommen, um zu bleiben, zu Gestalten

Das Internationale ver­ändert das Theater vor Ort!
Sym­po­sium des Inter­na­tio­nalen The­ater­in­sti­tuts beim Festival The­aterFormen am 16. Juni in Braun­schweig

Internationalität prägt die Theaterszene in Festivals und Gastspielen. Längst ist die internationale künstlerische Zusammenarbeit Alltag in den Theatern geworden. Und seit mehreren Jahrzehnten haben sich migrantische Künstler*innen in Deutschland etabliert, inzwischen bereits als postmigrantischen Generationen. Seit zwei Jahren bekommt diese Entwicklung einen starken Impuls: vielfach sind Künstler*innen aus ihren Heimatländern nach Deutschland geflüchtet. Sie alle suchen hier nach Möglichkeiten, ihren künstlerischen Beruf auszuüben, such nach Möglichkeiten des Produzierens. Sie treffen aber vielfach auf Förderstrukturen und Institutionen, die auf diesen Wandel nicht eingestellt sind.
Daher fragt die Jahrestagung des ITI: Wie verändert sich die künstlerische Landschaft, was bedeutet...

Viktor Bodó receives this year’s award of the International Theatre Institute

The Hungarian director Viktor Bodó receives this year’s award of the International Theatre Institute - German Centre.

This was announced by Joachim Lux, president of the German ITI, on behalf of the board of the ITI.

Viktor Bodó is known to the German-speaking audience through many productions he directed at theatres in Graz, Cologne, Mainz, Heidelberg, Basle and Hamburg.
Since 1985 the German Centre of the ITI once a year honors a theatre personality whose theatre work has extraordinary international outreach.
The date of the award ceremony will be published soon.

In 2017 the theatre director Yael Ronen received the award, a list of all previous award winners can be found  here.

 Further information on Viktor Bodó




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Christophe Slagmuylder appointed Programme Director of Theater der Welt Festival 2020

Christophe Slagmuylder

ITI Germany and the Duesseldorfer Schauspielhaus appointed Christophe Slagmuylder Programme Director of "Theater der Welt 2020" in Duesseldorf  (14 -31 May, 2020). Christophe Slagmuylder and Wilfried Schulz, General Manager of the Duesseldorfer Schauspielhaus, will jointly be responsible for the festival’s artistic programme.

The ITI festival  Theater der Welt takes place in a different German city, every three years, with changing artistic directors.

Christophe Slagmuylder is a highly profiled festival curator and currently the artistic director of the  Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels,  which is one of the most prominent festivals for contemporary performing arts worldwide.

ITI gathers information on the status of artists in Europe

Artists from, e.g., Germany who would like to get information on production possibilities and contact persons in, e.g., Belgium, Bulgaria or Spain, will gain easier access to this information in the future. The ITI Germany following an initiative of the European Secretariat of German Culture NGOs starts compiling information on the status of artists and the support of the performing arts in Europe.

As of May 2018, the collected information will be available online. The collection is a cooperation project with the European Network of Information Centres for the Performing Arts ( ENICPA) and national organisations of the performing arts in several European countries as well as the German Association of Independent Performing Arts ( Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste).




The INTERNATIONAL DANCE DAY was initiated in 1982 by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI)

It marks the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), a great reformer of ballet. Every year on April 29th a message by a dance ambassador is being distributed throughout the international dance community to celebrate and unite all forms of dance and focus on its global means of cultural expression; to overcome the limitations of politics, cultures and ethnic affiliations; to unite humanity in peace and friendship through the common language of dance.
To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the International Theatre Institute and to underline the cross-cultural and international aspect of theatre and dance, the Executive Council of the ITI selected five authors to write a message each. The authors of  this year’s messages are: Salia Sanou (Burkina Faso), Georgette Gebara (Lebanon), Willy Tsao (Hong Kong), Ohad Naharin (Israel) and Marianela Boán (Cuba).

70 Years of ITI - World Theatre Day 2018

Five World Regions - Five Ambassadors

To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the International Theatre Institute and to underline the cross-cultural and international aspect of theatre and of ITI, the Executive Council has selected five message authors to write a message – one from each of the five UNESCO Regions: Africa, the Americas, Arab Countries, Asia Pacific and Europe. The authors of the  Messages of World Theatre Day 2018 are:

Asia Pacific: Ram Gopal BAJAJ, India
Arab countries: Maya ZBIB, Lebanon
Europe: Simon MC BURNEY, UK
The Americas: Sabina BERMAN, Mexico
Africa: Wèrê Wèrê LIKING, Ivory Coast