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Save the Date: Partners In or Off the Ship?

Creating space for dialogue on international partnership

A series of conversations about the ethics of international cooperation and partnership in the Performing Arts (Online).


International and transcultural partnerships in the (performing) arts can play a crucial role in crossing borders, building bridges, and establishing common grounds. At the same time these forms of co-creation have become increasingly difficult to establish and navigate within the global climate of crises and polarization.

PARTNERS IN OR OFF THE SHIP? is a series of dialogues on the ethics of international cooperation and partnership in the performing arts curated by The Network of Emerging Arts Professionals (NEAP, ITI Worldwide), the ITI Academy (ITI Germany) and the Centre for Socially Engaged Theatre (C-SET). It will bring together international practitioners, experts, emerging artists and art professionals to share and exchange experiences and knowledge in working against inequitable systems and structures.

The discussions are guided by the following questions: Which are the conditions for equitable and ethical partnerships within a global climate of crises and polarization. How can Safe and Brave Spaces for free artistic expression, encounters, and debate be hold and established? How are caring practices maintained along the way? How are conflicts and misunderstandings negotiated? How are artists dealing with risks and limitations in freedom of expression?


22-5-2024: Creating Safe and Brave Spaces
Time: 3pm Germany (90 mins)
What does it mean to establish and hold a Safe Space and a Brave Space? In this first session, discussants articulate what these terms mean to them and share practical experiences on the ways they have created and continue to create safe and brave spaces in their partnership and practice.
with: Charles Etubiebi, Gerald Odil Ronnie & Nora Tormann
Facilitated by: Taiwo Afolabi
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26-6-2024: Practices of Care  
Time: 3pm Germany (90 mins)
How do you create a caring practice? How do we realize and implement an awareness concept? From Peru to Uganda, our panellists will share practical tools and resources on caring practices and the challenges and opportunities in creating caring practices in partnership.
with: Aganza Kisaki, Alex D. Loo
Facilitated by: Jeff Fagundes
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10-7-2024: Practices of Working through Conflict
Time: 3pm Germany (90 mins)
How do we navigate misunderstandings and conflict? The last session focuses on the practice of working through conflict. While conflict looks different across cultures, how it is resolved is also different. It is even different in the case of international partnerships. Our panellists will be challenged to offer their perspectives on ways to navigate conflict in intra- and international partnerships.
with: CJ Ochoco, Samba Yonga
Facilitated by: Lloyd Nyikadzino
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Find the programme as pdf here.

Partners In Or Off The Ship is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM).



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