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Die ART TRANSPARENT Foundation, PRO PROGRESSIONE and the Women's History Museum Zambia are looking for eight artists, scholars and practitioners to contribute to an anthology.

In the frame of Deconfining Arts, Culture and Politics in Europe and Africa, the project partners ART TRANSPARENT Foundation, PRO PROGRESSIONE and Women's History Museum Zambia are looking for eight artists, scholars and practitioners from Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Czechia, Uganda, Tanzania, and Zambia who search for common points and connections in intercontinental history, memories, art, science and fine literature to contribute to the creation of an Intercontinental Anthology hoping to develop a more comprehensive understanding and theorization of the connections and distances in experiencing, thinking and telling about closer and more distant worlds whose places and spaces reveal their artistic, scientific and literary potential. The contributions are published in English. The Call for Submission ends on May 25. You can find more info here.

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