ITI - Germany
German Centre Of The International Theatre Institute
  • European Balconies Project launched. ITI Germany was co-organizer of the event at art center Kunstquartier Bethanien in Berlin-Kreuzberg | Foto: M. Wittenbecher

  • Compagnie ERRATICA / Patrick Eakin Young, London | „Remnants“ („Überreste“), Musiktheater | © euro-scene Leipzig 2018 | Foto: Richard Hubert-Smith, London

  • Gründung des ITI-Weltverbandes, Prag 1948

  • Pierre Rigal / Compagnie dernière minute, Toulouse | „Scandale“ („Stolperfallen“), Tanzstück | © euro-scene Leipzig 2018 | Foto: Pierre Grosbois, Paris

  • Nono Battesti / Compagnie Dessources, Brüssel | „Double“ („Doppelt“), Tanzstück | © euro-scene Leipzig 2018 | Foto: Benjamin Struehlens, Walloon Brabant

  • Philipp Hochmair als Kafkas Glückssuchender Karl Roßmann beim Internationalen Monodrama Festival THESPIS (Foto: Rüdiger Schall)

  • Das ITI-Zentrum Zyperns ist Mitveranstalter des „2019 International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama“. (Foto: Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute)

  • ITI-Mitglied Peter Krüger zeigt in Inguschetien die Ausstellung "Bertolt Brecht - An die Nachgeborenen" (Foto: Lolita Gagieva).

ITI yearbook

At the beginning of 2014 the first edition of the ITI yearbook, which replaces the until then prevailing "Impuls" magazine, was published.


Until 2012 Impulse was issued twice a year (in German and English). Its editorial concept aimed at documenting decisions of cultural and educational policy and important theatre news, allowing international theatre persons to express themselves in interviews and examining central topics of the international theatre scene.

Publication series

ITI Germany has published a series of books and conference documentations, mostly German, between 1982 and 1994 which can be found at our public library or digitally at our  archive section.




Independent Theatre in Contemporary Europe Structures – Aesthetics – Cultural Policy

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Over the past 20 years European theatre underwent fundamental changes in terms of aesthetic focus, institutional structure and in its position in society. The impetus for these changes was provided by a new generation in the independent theatre scene.This book brings together studies on the state of independent theatre in different European countries, focusing on the fields of dance and performance, children and youth theatre, theatre and migration and post-migrant theatre. Additionally, it includes essays on experimental musical theatre, and different cultural policies for independent theatre scenes in a range of European countries.

Funded by the International Balzan Foundation.

The english version has been chosen by the Library Selection Committee to be accessed free of costs at „ Knowledge Unlatched“ as one of 150 publications worldwide in 2017.

Manfred Brauneck / ITI Germany (eds.):  Independent Theatre in Contemporary Europe Structures - Aesthetics - Cultural Policy. 500 Pages, ISBN 978-3-8376-3243-9, publication date: January 2017 Transcript Verlag, (free pdf download under Open Access license).

Reader Cultural Diversity

Background Information, comments and original sources from the elaboration process of the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity have been published 2005 in a “Reader Cultural Diversity” ( PDF PDF, German, with English original texts).

In 2015, the German Music Council the International Associaton of Art in Germany and German ITI centre analyzed the situation of the implementation of the Convention in Germany. (Kulturelle Vielfalt in der Diskussion,  PDF PDF, German). 

Manfred Linke: "Das Internationale Theaterinstitut"

Manfred Linke: "Das Internationale Theaterinstitut"
Das Zentrum Bundesrepublik Deutschland des Internationalen Theaterinstituts
Eine Darstellung ihrer Ziele und Strukturen, Leistungen und Aufgaben

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