1) PORTS (25 and 26 May) is a performance at MS Stubnitz and at the same time artistic kick-off, in which geheimagentur as “Hamburgs Port Hydrarchy” examines alternative practises of port use: sea trade organized by refugee seekers between Hamburg and Lagos/Nigeria, civil resistance against the cruise industry in Venice, or yearly regattas of the radical seafarers in New York, and more. (Trailer PORTS)

(27 and 28. May) is an international symposium at the MS Stubnitz: 5 talks will be held that are accompanied by matching artistic discussion formats and combined to interactive visuals. Participants are invited to join discussion and talks in various ways.

CVs of the guest speaker may be read up  here.

The Symposium will take place in English. Free entry. Registration needed.


3.)  6 WORKSHOPS (29 May to 1 June) Limited access. Registration needed. 25 €, reduced 10 €. Workshops will take place in English and German.

  • Accesspoint I: Theory and Practice of Offshore Art
    On all seven seas artists and activists currently take to the water. A worldwide trend, that is called OFFSHORE ART among the scene in Brooklyn, New York. OFFSHORE ART is a mix of land art, experimental film, performance art, ‚Right-to-the-City' activism and radical ecological thinking. In this workshop images and stories of swimming gardens, boatels, floating cinemas and many other floating things serve as an inspiration to create our own works with and on the water.  PDF more
  • Accesspoint II: Afrika Terminal to African Terminal?
    The Afrika Terminal is the last remaining structure that reminds us of the history of Baakenhafen. It has been the main port for shipping from and to Africa in the time of German colonialism. In this workshop we would like to explore the possibility of turning the Afrika Terminal into an African Terminal of a new nature. The workshop is going to ask: Could an African Terminal become a centre for small scale trade between Europe and Africa that is giving new perspectives to African citizens and migrants in Hamburg, but also help communities in Africa to benefit from the transnational networks which are created through migration? Could an African Terminal of this nature become a place for all citizens of Hamburg? How can cultural production help with these objectives? How can art and trade work together on this?  PDF more
  • Accesspoint III: A Pier for Baakenhafen
    In order to establish Baakenhafen as a central "Free Port of the Many", a pier is missing. geheimagentur, HCU and Theater of the World 2017 will jointly proceed: How can we overcome the border between solid and liquid? Standing on the quay wall, and looking into the water, passage seems unproblematic. Considering parameters like tides, visitors traffic, safety and statics, the barrier seems insurmountable. The workshop will develop and test models for affordable access points from solid to liquid.
  • Accesspoint IV: Regional Cruises with the Cultural Raft Schaluppe
    After the raft Hydra has sailed from the alternative cruise ship terminal in the port of Hamburg all the way to Kampnagel in summer 15, people from Hamburg Wilhelmsburg joined forces and worked hard to build a much bigger one, a more sustainable raft, that is now ready to host all kinds of activities: the Schaluppe. In this workshop the team of Schaluppe invites participants to develop and devise a performative cruise: Experiments in mobility, cruising on public waters, finding places which the visitor of Hamburg port doesn’t normally get to see.  
  • Accesspoint V: Archipel
    The Archipel is a floating installation comprised out of four steel pontoons - A modular island that can be put together in different constellations. The crew of Das Archipel invites to build a Hot-Tub together. Being afloat in the Hot-Tub, we want to think about the changes of the Hamburg harbour. »Rien faire comme une bête, lying on water and looking peacefully at the sky, "being, nothing else, without any further definition and fulfillment," might take the place of process, act, satisfaction. « Theodor W. Adorno.

  • Accesspoint VI: Anarchiv
    Interventions on the Sea – an Archive Collects and reports on artistic and activist history on Hamburg’s port site in order to provide a tool for today’s interventions. (reserved for students of the Harbour City University)

 4.)    Presentation and try outs: LEAPs into LIQUIDs (2 and 3 June)
On Friday and Saturday the access points will be opened for everyone: Schaluppe raft will take on its first cruise, the hot tub will be heated for the first time, the anarchive inspires imitators, the Offshore Art experiments first get to know what is like to feel water, the African terminal organizes the party.



ITI Grant holders

ITI Germany has invited artists to Hamburg to participate in ACCESS POINTS with a grant. 5 applicants have been chosen by ITI and geheimagentur to attend the program and Theater der Welt festival for 12 days. The grant holders were (from left to right):  Talya Chalef (USA), Anna Vigeland (Canada), Giuditta Vendrame (Italy), Zerihun Birehanu (Ethiopia), and Maja Maletkovic (Serbia).