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German Centre Of The International Theatre Institute
  • Jury Award für deutschen PQ-Beitrag zu Bühnenbildner Bert Neumann (Foto: PQ)

  • Für das ITI nahm Felix Sodemann den Special Award der Prager Quadriennale 2019 entgegen. (Foto: David Kumermann)

  • Im Theater Gera hat Kulturstaatsministerin Monika Grütters jetzt den 3. Theaterpreis des Bundes verliehen | © Eva Radünzel

  • Music Theatre Now Gewinner*in 2018: AQUASONIC (Foto: Ambra Vernucci)

  • Prager Quadriennale | Instandsetzung der Zirkuswagen | Foto: Martin Breine

  • Den Veränderungsdruck, der auf Theatern lastet, erörterte die Fachtagung zum Theaterpreis des Bundes 2019 in Gera. | © Eva Radünzel

  • Eröffnung XCHANGES Kampnagel Hamburg, Showcase Beat le Mot, Mai 2019 (Foto: Mathias Thurm)

  • Prager Quadriennale | Instandsetzung der Zirkuswagen | Foto: Martin Breine

  • Music Theatre Now Gewinner*in 2018: MITRA (Foto: Bernard Coutant)

  • Uraufführung von „Jin Jiyan – Der Aufbruch“ von Anina Jendreyko am Theater Krefeld-Mönchengladbach (April 2019), Foto: Matthias Stutte

  • Music Theatre Now Gewinner*in 2018: FALLING AWAKE (Foto: Alexander Banck-Petersen)

  • Die Mediathek des ITI mit über 8500 Titeln. | Foto: Maxim Wittenbecher

  • Das ITI ist engagiert bei "Die Vielen"

Music Theatre Now

Competition for New Opera and Contemporary Music Theatre

320 entries from 47 countries: These are the current figures for the Music Theatre Now (MTN) 2018 competition.
The competition was looking for large or small operas and music theatre productions, one-man/woman productions or productions for small and smallest venues as well as works for opera houses and festivals that have been realised and premiered since July 2015.

The worldwide Music Theatre NOW competition of the ITI Music Theatre NOW Network is held every three years in cooperation with the German ITI Centre and in recent years has often been a springboard for the international careers of artists* and projects.
Since 2008, more than 1,000 world premieres of new, contemporary operas and music theatre performances have taken part in the MTN competition.
 PDF During the PDF celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the ITI World Association on the island of Hainan (China) from 23 to 26 November 2018, the  jury will hold the final session, the ten winners will be announced in early December 2018; they will be invited to the MTN meeting during the 14th   Operadagen Rotterdam in May 2019.
There, the prizewinners will have the unique opportunity to present their works to an international audience of experts - and the chance to receive invitations to guest performances.

The winners of the previous invitations and further information can be found on the project  website.

Trailer with the presentation of the winners from 2015