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The ITI at Theater der Welt 2023

As Theater der Welt’s initiator and founder, the ITI is represented at Theater der Welt 2023 (29 June to 16 July 2023) in a number of formats.

As part of the UNESCO organization the International Theatre Institute (ITI), the German Centre of the ITI is committed to international exchange and the free development of the performing arts. As Theater der Welt’s initiator and founder, the ITI is represented at the festival in a number of formats: audiences can explore the exhibition “Unearthing, unraveling, unfolding” about the archive that documents Theater der Welt’s 40-year history in the foyer of the Museum Angewandte Kunst. The 20 fellows of the ITI Academy will host an Academy Week from 8 to 15 July 2023 with installations, workshops, talks, and artistic interventions, concluding with the ITI Annual Congress on 15 July 2023. And the ceremony to award the ITI Prize 2023, an annual award that supports the work of artists working transnationally, to Flinn Works will be held on 8. July following their performance of Ultimate Safari (Flinn Works & Asedeva). touring artists and Goethe-Institut in Exile will explore both artistic as well as administrative challenges that artists in exile face.

ITI Academy

The ITI Academy is an exchange, mentoring and qualification programme for young cultural and theatre professionals consisting of various formats for 20 emerging artists and curators. The focus is on the future of internationality, transnationality and diversity in the performing arts – in four modules up to the festival. The 20 fellows of the ITI Academy will exchange ideas with the artists invited to the festival and open up with the Academy Week for public with installations, workshops, talks and artistic interventions during Theater der Welt at the Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt. The Academy Week will conclude with the ITI’s annual conference.

The archive of Theater der Welt

How does a festival develop over time? How does programmatic focus change? The archive of the Theater der Welt has collected artifacts and stories on all aspects of the festival. The ever-evolving archive will be present at Theater der Welt 2023 with its exhibition »Unearthing, unraveling, unfolding«. In a digital archival installation visitors can explore previous festival editions while a participatory part of the exhibition called »Thinking Wall« invites everyone to participate in building up the archive. The exhibition is accompanied by various discursive and educational programmes around the topics of the archive.

Presentation of ITI Prize to Flinn Works
Sa, 08.07., after Ultimate Safari
Frankfurt LAB

touring artists & Goethe-Institut in Exile
Tue, 11.07., 15:00; Wed, 12.07., 15:00
Museum Angewandte Kunst

ITI Annual Conference
Sa, 15.07., 10:00 – 18:00
Schauspiel Frankfurt, Chagallsaal

Academy Week
08. – 16.07.2023
Museum Angewandte Kunst

Archive Theater der Welt
29.06. – 16.07.2023
Museum Angewandte Kunst


Please find here the ITI Programme for Theater der Welt 2023.

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