ITI - Germany
German Centre Of The International Theatre Institute
  • Music Theatre Now Gewinner*in 2018: AQUASONIC (Foto: Ambra Vernucci)

  • Theaterpreis des Bundes 2019

  • Eröffnung XCHANGES Kampnagel Hamburg, Showcase Beat le Mot, Mai 2019 (Foto: Mathias Thurm)

  • ITI-Jahrestagung / africologneDIALOGFORUM

  • Music Theatre Now Gewinner*in 2018: MITRA (Foto: Bernard Coutant)

  • Uraufführung von „Jin Jiyan – Der Aufbruch“ von Anina Jendreyko am Theater Krefeld-Mönchengladbach (April 2019), Foto: Matthias Stutte

  • Music Theatre Now Gewinner*in 2018: FALLING AWAKE (Foto: Alexander Banck-Petersen)

  • Das ITI-Jahrbuch 2018 ist online

  • Das ITI-Zentrum Zyperns ist Mitveranstalter des „2019 International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama“. (Foto: Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute)

International partnerships for the performing arts

The societal changes of the past few years and recent revolutions have had a significant impact on the countries of Eastern Europe and North Africa. This is also apparent in contemporary theatre. Being part of the controversy on the social and political upheavals of the past and present, new aesthetics and theatre discourses were developed.

The funding programme Change of Scene was initiated in order to grant these works a broader audience in the German theatre landscape and to strengthen international exchange. Until now about 50 cooperation projects have been supported.

The last two-year-long funding period starts in Sumer 2018. The projects selected for funding will be announced end of May 2018.

Current information and dates can be found  here.  In May 2019 an international network meeting and festival will take place in Hamburg.

Change of Scene is a funding programme of the Robert Bosch Stiftung in collaboration with the International Theatre Institute.