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Work ability ensured

The ITI Secretariat is also affected by COVID19 regulations.
The Kunstquartier Bethanien, where the offices of the ITI, the Media Library for Dance and Theatre and Studio2 are located, is closed to the public until April 19, 2020.
Most of the work has been converted to mobile working.
The ITI-colleagues can be reached by phone under the known numbers either directly or via forwarding. Thanks to our cloud, the office remains technically fully able to work and hopefully all remain healthy.

Note: Registered visits are possible for the time being. Agreements on the use of Studio2 will be decided on a case-by-case basis, the media library will remain closed.


Postal and visiting address:

Zentrum Bundesrepublik Deutschland des 
Internationalen Theaterinstituts e.V.
Mariannenplatz 2
10997 Berlin

+49 (0)306110765 - 0
+49 (0)306110765 - 22



Travel and directions

Information on directions

In front of the art quarter Bethanien there is a fire brigade entrance. This can be used for deliveries, but parking is not allowed at any time. The entrance is at Wrangelstraße / Mariannenplatz. It is regulated with a bollard. The intercom system gives you contact to the security guard in the building that operates the bollard system. Please drive on the access road only if the signal is green. The access road is a "one-way street". The exit is located near Waldemarstraße / Mariannenplatz. The bollard at the exit is automatically lowered if you drive towards the bollard.

Map of the area


Director :: Dr. Thomas Engel th.engel(at) 

Project management :: Christine Henniger c.henniger(at), Michael Freundt m.freundt(at) 

Project management Festival Academy 2020 :: Malin Nagel m.nagel(at)

Project management Translator's Workshop/Yearbook :: Dorothea Lautenschläger d.lautenschlaeger(at)

Secretariat :: Annette Doffin a.doffin(at)  

Press :: Stefan Woll s.woll(at) 

Finances ::  Kerstin Hefenbrock k.hefenbrock(at)

Editor Touring-Artists :: Jana Grünewald j.gruenewald(at)  

Projekt assistant Touring Artists/Theaterpreis des Bundes / Festival Academy 2020 :: 
Felix Sodemann f.sodemann(at)   

Project management Szenenwechsel :: Sigrid Hilmer s.hilmer(at)

Project assistant Passage 23, Mediathek :: Thekla Neuss: passage23(at)  

Video studio :: Maxim Wittenbecher: m.wittenbecher(at)

Project assistant video studio :: Michel Barre: projekt-archiv(at)

Studio2 management :: Lene Gaiser: studio2(at)

Web development/IT-Administration :: Martin Eisenbeiss m.eisenbeiss(at)