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  • Theater der Welt 2017 in Hamburg. ITI in the Box, Foto: Jeannette Franke

  • Save the Date: THEATER DER WELT May 25 to June 11, 2017

  • Verständigung // Understanding. ITI Germany's 60th anniversary celebration, 26 November 2015, Academy of Arts, Berlin

  • ITI Annual Conference Berlin, 2016 (Photo Anna Rozkosny)

  • ITI Jahrestagung 2017, MS STUBNITZ, Hamburg (Foto ITI)


Theater der Welt 2017 Hamburg
A Festival of the International Theater Institute (ITI)
25 May - 11 June
presented by Thalia Theater in co-operation with Kampnagel Hamburg

Festival Director: Joachim Lux
Artistic Programme: Amelie Deuflhard, Sandra Küpper, Joachim Lux, Andras Siebold


‘Theater der Welt 2017’ presents 45 productions from across the globe. Artists from every continent are invited to Hamburg – artists whose original and influential signature works push forward the development of performing arts and highlight the spectrum of international theatrical development: drama, performance, dance, literature, but also the crossover with visual arts, film and music. Collaborations with other Hamburg artists expand the programme and integrate Hamburg’s international cultural scene.


Hamburg lives off the harbour and it lives alongside the harbour. ‘Theater der Welt 2017’ takes the harbour as an inspiration and as a venue. The harbour is a gigantic marketplace for international trade, it’s the site of arrivals and departures and also a place loaded with poetic significance: a place for welcomes and farewells, for wanderlust and home sickness, for awakenings and the joy of discovery, for births and deaths – with water as the source of all life.

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ITI Project ACCESS POINTS – the Right to Sea

The German ITI centre organizes together with the Hamburg based performance group  geheimagentur (secret agency) "ACCESS POINTS – the Right to Sea”.

The main focus of ACCESS POINTS is the (disappearing) public access to city ports and sea shores worldwide. Restrictive access control policies of port authorities took over what the identity of harbor cities have formed during centuries.

Performances, workshops, and an international symposium – will be the tools of Art&activism to gain new and creative access to sea shores and ports of harbor cities.

ACCESS POINTS is scheduled from 25 May to 3 June and consists of 5 parts, located at different places of the harbour area ( click here for program information).

Theater der Welt – a Festival of the International Theatre Institute (ITI)

Theater der Welt was founded in 1981 after the success of THEATRE OF NATIONS, the festival of the worldwide ITI,  in Hamburg (1979) by the German centre of the International Theatre Institute as a biennial festival. Theater der Welt became triennial in 1993. Each festival edition takes place in a different city in Germany and with a different artistic director.

Previous festivals took place in Cologne (1981), Frankfurt am Main (1985), Stuttgart (1987), Hamburg (1989), Essen (1991), Munich (1983), Dresden (1996), Berlin (1999), Cologne/Bonn/Düsseldorf/Duisburg (2002), Stuttgart (2005), Halle (2008), Mülheim and Essen (2010) and Mannheim (2014).