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  • Theater der Welt 2017 in Hamburg. ITI in the Box, Foto: Jeannette Franke

  • Save the Date: THEATER DER WELT May 25 to June 11, 2017

  • Verständigung // Understanding. ITI Germany's 60th anniversary celebration, 26 November 2015, Academy of Arts, Berlin

  • ITI Annual Conference Berlin, 2016 (Photo Anna Rozkosny)

  • ITI Jahrestagung 2017, MS STUBNITZ, Hamburg (Foto ITI)

Die Preisträger stehen fest!

Die Preisträgertheater des Theaterpreis des Bundes 2017 wurden ausgewählt.

Wir freuen uns für: das Theater Naumburg, die Theater und Philharmonie Thüringen in Gera und Altenburg, das Lichthof Theater in Hamburg, das tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf, das E.T.A Hoffmann Theater in Bamberg, das tjg theater junge generation in Dresden und die Sophiensaele und die Schaubude in Berlin.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

nährere Informationen zur Jurybegründung und zu dem Ablauf des Symposiums und der Verleihung finden Sie  hier.



Tankred Dorst gestorben - Ein Nachruf von Manfred Beilharz

Tankred Dorst (Foto: Martin Kaufhold)

Tankred Dorst ist tot. Der Autor, Dramatiker, Büchner-Preisträger, Träger des ITI- und Faust-Preises starb am 01.06.2017.

Seine Leistung als Dramatiker, der an vielen Theatern im In- und Ausland gespielt wird und wurde, ist enorm. Seine Stücke lassen sich in keine gemeinsame Kategorie einordnen. Immer wieder hat Tankred Dorst neu angefangen, Welten für die Bühne zu entwickeln (später mit seiner Frau Ursula Ehler zusammen): parabelhaft, poetisch, skurril, politisch, welthaltig. Seine Neugier auf Außenseiter, auf Leute, die nicht der üblichen Norm entsprechen, war unstillbar. Stücke wie „Korbes“, „Herr Paul“, „Toller“ und „Eiszeit“ (ein Stück über den politischen Altersstarrsinn Knut Hamsuns) sowie sein großartiger Film „Eisenhans“ zeugen davon.  weiterlesen

ITI World Congress in Segovia (Spain)

From 14 to 22 July 2017 Segovia in Spain will be the world capital for the performing arts in holding the 35th ITI World Congress.

During a three-day Congress Prologue students are presenting the work at the Student Festival (14 to 16 July). During the main Congress (17 to 22 July), the delegates of ITI are discussing, coordinating and planning the next period of ITI, choosing their leaders, accepting the future plans and setting an accent on what is most important for the development of their organization. A multitude of workshops, presentations, keynote speeches and performances are enriching the Congress for all participants. Part of the Congress is the International Dance Symposium, intended to strengthen dance in ITI. An Open Space is dedicated to the artistic nature of ITI. An ITI Centres Speed Dating should bring the main members of ITI, the Centres, in close collaboration all over the world. A strong accent has been set on Young Practitioners. All the Congress partners are working together to make this event a most memorable event (Tobias Biancone, Director General ITI).


The German ITI centre organized together with the Hamburg based performance group  geheimagentur (secret agency) "ACCESS POINTS – the Right to Sea”. For more information on workshop and symposium program click  here.

German ITI Prize 2017 awarded to Yael Ronen

"In her pieces, Yael Ronen treads,” as Joachim Lux, president of the German centre, stated, “the mined territory of intercultural conflicts. And how! Her works are playful, unselfconscious, light, non-ideological, never overly moral nor politically correct. This rarely exists in German theatre. And that in the context of an issue in which you can generally only make mistakes? With an unerring directness and humour, Yael Ronen is only interested in life itself, in all its contradictions and in nothing else – and in this way, she performs her way into the audience’s heart.” more


The new co-operation projects in the performing arts between theatres and independent theatre groups in the German-speaking region and partners from North Africa or Eastern Europe have been chosen.  more

Mime Centrum Berlin

The MCB, a permanent project of the German ITI centre, is an open place of production, training, cooperation and international exchange. Its  media library offers access to an extensive documentation on dance and theater.  more


ITI Action Committee For Artists Rights

Information portal

Touring Artists is a digital information platform which provides answers to questions regarding international mobility for artists and persons engaged in the cultural sector in Germany as well as those who want to work in Germany. ( more)

The new “ Refugees welcome” section provides information, tips, and experience-based knowledge geared towards refugee artists in Germany as well as people engaged in the arts and cultural sector in Germany who (would like to) work with refugees.