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  • Save the Date: THEATER DER WELT May 25 to June 11, 2017

  • Verständigung // Understanding. ITI Germany's 60th anniversary celebration, 26 November 2015, Academy of Arts, Berlin

  • Independent Theatre in Contemporary Europe

  • ITI Annual Conference Berlin, 2016 (Photo Anna Rozkosny)

German ITI Prize 2017 awarded to Yael Ronen

Yael Ronen will be awarded this year’s International Theatre Institute (German Centre) Prize.
"In her pieces, Yael Ronen treads,” as Joachim Lux, president of the German centre, stated, “the mined territory of intercultural conflicts. And how! Her works are playful, unselfconscious, light, non-ideological, never overly moral nor politically correct. This rarely exists in German theatre. And that in the context of an issue in which you can generally only make mistakes? With an unerring directness and humour, Yael Ronen is only interested in life itself, in all its contradictions and in nothing else – and in this way, she performs her way into the audience’s heart.” read more

Theater der Welt 2017

On Friday 24 March, during a boat cruise press conference, the program curators Amelie Deuflhard, Sandra Küpper, Joachim Lux and András Siebold have presented the artists and groups for Theater der Welt 2017 in Hamburg. 45 shows from five continents will be presented in more than 330 performances. The ticket sale has started!  Artists at Theater der Welt 2017

Make way for theatre!

The World Theatre Day message author of 2017 is Isabelle Huppert, the theatre and cinema actress from France.  Read her message here.

 More information on World Theatre Day


Theaterpreis des Bundes 2017

For the second time, the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in cooperation with the ITI offers the “Theaterpreis des Bundes” as an acknowledgement for exceptional performances of small and middle size municipal theatres in Germany.

researching europe

PASSAGE 23°E is a joint research project of institutions, universities, archives and artists, co-ordinated by ITI/Mime Centre, and  focusing on theatre and forms of theatrical expression in the national and regional cultural areas of Central, Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe over the last 25 years. The project Passage 23°E's main target is the collective development and long-term implementation of a common information and documentation system with regards to a European culture in its historical, current and future dimensions.  read more

Information portal

Touring Artists is a digital information platform which provides answers to questions regarding international mobility for artists and persons engaged in the cultural sector in Germany as well as those who want to work in Germany. ( more)

The new “ Refugees welcome” section provides information, tips, and experience-based knowledge geared towards refugee artists in Germany as well as people engaged in the arts and cultural sector in Germany who (would like to) work with refugees.

International Translators’ Workshop Mülheim

„Building bridges for a dialogue between cultures“ - Participants from eleven different countries have been selected

The ITI Germany and the festival “Stücke” have been inviting translators and theatre experts to the international translators’ workshop in Mülheim since 1985, an event that, as of now, is no longer going to be held biannually but on an annual basis. The announcement was made by the Head of the German ITI, Thomas Engel, in the light of the introduction of this year’s “Stücke” programme.

The participants of the international translators’ workshop 2017, from May 12th to 21st, are:  more


The German ITI centre organizes together with the Hamburg based performance group  geheimagentur (secret agency) "ACCESS POINTS – the Right to Sea”. ( more)